FastPhotoTagger tries to be the fastest way to set the metadata in your photos.  By defining abbreviations for the most common tag values, you can tag an image with a few keystrokes in a matter of seconds and then view the tags in a slideshow.

Key Features
o Set multiple images to have the same tag values
o Set individual images to have unique tag values
o View all metadata in an image file
o Compare metadata in several files
o Choose the metadata fields to work with
o Define abbreviations for the most common tag values
o Modify or undo tag changes before committing to image files
View images and slideshows that display tag values as captions
o Create and search a metadata database

The Android version of FastPhotoTagger is here.

o User Guide (Francais)
o Installation, Program Notes, Licenses

o Revision history
o More screen shots
o sourceforge summary page

o sourceforge download page


o Dennis Damico,