Revision History

07-Jan-2017, v2.9
o On the "Metadata for Selected" Panel, you may now append to or remove from current metadata values as well as replace them. This is especially useful for adding new keywords or deleting old keywords in a set of photos. See User Guide.
o A Greek translation of the user interface is now available.

05-Oct-2016, v2.8
o A Print capability has been added to the "View all Metadata" screen. See user guide.
o Much larger images may be viewed without having to change memory usage on the Java command line.
o A Dutch translation of the user interface is now available.

14-Apr-2016, v2.7
o Added: A "Compare Metadata" command button has been added to the application window. Select 2 to 8 files and then press the button. Differences are presented in red. The displayed table is editable. You may edit metadata values cell by cell, like a spreadsheet. See user guide.
o Added: On the "Other" Settings panel, a "Descriptive metadata values" checkbox has been added. By checking this box, you may view certain metadata values as words rather than numbers. For example: ColorSpace=sRGB rather than ColorSpace=1. The current folder will reload when the box is checked or unchecked. (Caution: The metadata database ignores this setting and always writes numeric values to the database.)
o Changed: On the Metadata Settings panel, you may now reorder rows by dragging. Click a cell, click again and hold, drag to a new position, release. The row will move in front of the row where you released. You may delete rows by dragging out of the table.
o Changed: the order of metadata presented on the "Metadata for Selected" panel is now exactly the same as the order of metadata in "Metadata" Settings. Alphabetical order and separation of small and large fields is no longer enforced.
o Changed: Metadata Search Selectors and the Metadata Explorer now contain Screen Labels from the Metadata Settings table, if they exist, rather than the metadata tag names.
o The program icon has been updated.

20-Oct-2015, v2.6
o You may now specify metadata tags using Exiftool group 0 and/or 1 group names. Examples: EXIF:IFD0:ModifyDate, EXIF:ModifyDate, IFD0:ModifyDate. See User Guide.
o The "View all Metadata" command now displays Exiftool group 0 and 1 names.
o Many TIFF files are now displayed by FastPhotoTagger if the ImageMagick executable is installed. See Installation notes and user guide. Multiple Tiff images in one file may be viewed as a slideshow.
o When writing metadata, the status line is updated occasionally with the flename being processed.
o Fixed:On the "View All Metadata" screen, if a group contained multiple tags with the same name, only one tag was displayed.

15-May-2015, v2.5
o DNG and many RAW image types are now displayed by FastPhotoTagger if the dcraw executable is installed. See Installation notes.
o Added more information to log file when a metadata change encounters an error.
o Fixed: Minor corrections were made to translations.

10-Jun-2014, v2.4
o Changed: "View Slideshow" now presents selected photos only, not all photos. To present all photos click "Select All Photos" then "View Slideshow".
o You may now open an image folder by dragging it onto the thumbnail area of the main application window.
o Program icons for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh are now included in the distribution file.
o On the "Other" Settings panel, "Change Background Color" has been added. You may now change the background color of the main window thumbnail area.
o On the "Other" Settings panel, "Change Thumbnail Label" has been added. You may now display (partial) metadata values under thumbnails on the main window. Export/Import Settings saves and restores label selections.
o On the "Other" Settings panel, "Export Slideshow" has been added. Using Slideshow settings, you may now create a set of image files that contain embedded metadata captions.
o Additional information has been added to error messages.
o Fixed: Filenames under thumbnails were not horizontally aligned if a horizontal thumbnail was next to a vertical thumbnail.

o Fixed: Black bars were shown around some thumbnail images when the bars were not actually part of the JPEG embedded thumbnail.
o Fixed: Black bars were shown around some Canon-generated thumbnail images.
o Fixed: Some thumbnails and/or images were incorrectly oriented. All eight metadata orientation constants are now supported.
o Fixed: Export/Import Settings failed when the metadata size field was blank.
o Fixed: Minor corrections were made to the Polish translation.

18-Jan-2014, v2.3
o A Polish translation of the user interface is now available.
o On the "Search Metadata" window, you may now save search definitions to and load them from files in XML format.  "Open" and "Save" buttons have been added.  The most recent ten search files are shown in a pulldown at the top of the window.
o Improved: Cells may be copied using ^C from the Metadata Viewer table.
o Improved: Import and Export Settings now start in the most recent folder used to import or export.
o Fixed: FastPhotoTagger failed if the path to exiftool contained a space.
o Fixed: Paste into a FastPhotoTagger table might sometimes fail if a destination cell was not selected.
o Fixed: An image folder sometimes appeared twice in the "Current Folder" pulldown menu.
o Fixed: The slide show setting for "Caption location" was ignored for non-English user interfaces.

23-Jul-2013, v2.2
o French and German translations of the user interface are now available.
o Non-English character set support is much improved: all metadata values are interpreted as UTF-8 characters and IPTC metadata values are explictly written as UTF-8 characters. However, see known problems for issues with file and pathnames.
o A new Settings panel, "Other" has been added.
On the "Other" Settings panel, "Change Language" has been added. You may change the user interface language to any available translation.
o On the "Other" Settings panel, "Change Font" has been added. This is most useful when dealing with international character sets.
o On the "Other" Settings panel, "Export Settings" and "Import Settings" have been added. You may save your settings to a text file (in XML format) for use on other computers or to maintain multiple versions of settings for different purposes.

o On the main application window, the sizes of the thumbnail area and the metadata area are now adjustable.
o Improved: On the "Metadata for Selected" panel, the metadata name and the "Change" button now share the same line. The Change button is invisible until the metadata field changes. This permits more metadata fields to be viewed without scrolling.
o Improved: Paste into the Settings/Abbreviations and Settings/Metadata tables is now supported.
o Improved: Sorting of the
images in the main window and the columns in the Settings tables is more sensitive to non-English character sets.
o Improved: Expansion of abbreviations is more efficient when there are thousands of abbreviations.
o Improved: The "Current Folder" pulldown now remembers up to 10 recently used folders between invocations of FastPhotoTagger.
o Fixed: metadata tags containing a dash, e.g., Caption-Abstract, were not being written to the metadata database.
o Fixed: Pressing one Change button sometimes disabled other Change buttons.

12-Apr-2013, v2.1
o Added an "explorer" pane to the Search Metadata window. The explorer pane is used to view (and optionally filter) the values in the metadata database.
o Added the "excludes" operation to metadata search terms.  It is the opposite of the "contains" operation.
o Added support for metadata group names in the metadata settings list. You may prefix a tag with an Exiftool level 0 group name (IPTC, XMP, EXIF, others), e.g., XMP:Title.
o Added the ability to specify that a metadata change should be written to more than one tag.
o Selecting the current folder from the "Current Folder" pulldown now causes a refresh of the images and their metadata values.
o Added French usage notes.
Improved: Image folders open more quickly in many cases.
o Improved: The Metadata Viewer now displays metadata group names.
o Improved: The Metadata Viewer now initially displays the tag list in alphabetical order.
o Improved: FastPhotoTagger is more efficient when dealing with folders containing thousands of images.
o Renamed the tag columns in Settings/Metadata and Settings/Pending Changes to "Metadata tag(s)".
o Fixed: List-type tags such as Keywords, Subject, and others, were written to files as one long item rather than individual list items. As a result, some other software products showed slightly different values for these tags.  Starting with this revision, you must use semi-colon as the list delimiter.
o Fixed: Tag names in Settings/Metadata are no longer case sensitive.
o Fixed: Closing the Fast Tagger window with the window close button did not update the "Metadata for Selected" panel.
o Fixed: Resizing the Metadata Viewer window down to zero size caused an internal program error.
o Fixed: Resizing the Metadata Viewer window was sluggish.
o Fixed: The program was temporarily unresponsive when the "next" key was held down or the "next" button was clicked rapidly in the slide show, fast tagger, and view metadata windows.
o Prerequisite: Exiftool version 8.69 or higher.

05-Dec-2012, v2.0
o Added a metadata database and search facility.  It consists of
 1) a new button, "Search metadata" on the application window,
 2) a new settings window, "Repositories",
 3) a new settings popup menu item, "Update database",
 4) a new Settings/Metadata size option, "none", and
 5) a "Search metadata" panel with visual search operations.
o Added a new button, "View all metadata for selected photos", to the application window. It will display in table format all available metadata in the image's file.
o Added a new button, "Stop" to the application window. It may be used to stop long operations.
o Added ability to copy images out of the application window using the copy key sequence or file dragging.
o Improved: Writing changed metadata to photos is about 25% faster than in previous versions.
o Fixed: including a newline character in a tag resulted in a write error. In this version, newlines are replaced with spaces when the Change button is pressed.
o Fixed: After tagging a large number of photos with the Fast Tagger, there was a long delay before the program resumed.
o Fixed: The slideshow settings panel was vertically centered and stretched across the screen.

13-Sep-2012, v1.2

o A single image may now be viewed full screen by double clicking it. Presentation style is governed by the slideshow settings.
o The application window now indicates progress as image folders are loaded.
o Fixed: In some instances, the "Metadata for Selected" panel was not refreshed after using the Fast Tagger.
o Fixed: On some systems, the Fast Tagger window opened with a small image that was immediately enlarged.

05-Jul-2011, v1.1
o The Open Image Folder command now starts navigation at the current image folder.
o Fixed: On Windows, command buttons were stretched horizontally.
o Fixed: On Linux, long keyword strings were truncated.
o Fixed: Opening a folder that didn't contain any images wrote a log file message but was otherwise harmless.
o Fixed: Slideshow of an empty folder was attempted but failed.

15-Apr-2011, v1.0
o Added setting to hide slideshow controls.
o Fixed: Settings were incorrectly saved in previous versions.  As a result, some settings (abbreviations, metadata) will be lost. Sorry.
o Fixed: panel background colors were incorrect.

22-Mar-2011, v0.2.beta
o Added slideshow feature and slideshow settings.
o Fixed: Closing the FastTagger window using the title bar close button terminated the application.
o Fixed: Images in the FastTagger window were sometimes cropped.
o Fixed: The "Metadata for Selected" panel was not refreshed when a row was deleted from Settings/Metadata.

08-Mar-2011, v0.1.alpha
o First release