FastPhotoTagger Screenshots

Customize FastPhotoTagger's appearance by selecting metadata for thumbnail captions, metadata text box size, font, color and language:


View all the metadata in an image file.


Abbreviations put the "Fast" in FastPhotoTagger. Define abbreviations for frequently used tag values such as names, places, and keyword lists.

With carefully chosen abbreviations you can enter long metadata values with only a few keystrokes in a few seconds.

Tag at lightning speed using the Fast Tagger.

The "Use Abbreviations" checkbox is used to enable/disable the expansion of abbreviations.
When entered as metadata, abbreviations must be surrounded by whitespace to be recognized. 
For example, if "a", "b", and "c" are three abbreviations then "a b c" may expand to "apple banana cherry", but "abc" will not be expanded.


Create custom slideshows with metadata captions for viewing inside or outside of FastPhotoTagger.

  Export a slideshow to the file system: each slide becomes a jpeg file.

View an exported slideshow with any image handling program.

More Customization

Create multiple versions of program settings. Switch between them or copy to other computers.

Work with your favorite metadata. Customize screen labels and text box size.

Choose metadata to appear under thumbnails.

Choose your favorite font from available system fonts.

Choose your favorite background color.

The FastPhotoTagger GUI is available in English, French, German, Polish, Dutch and Greek.

The FastPhotoTagger user guide will get you started quickly.

Thanks for trying FastPhotoTagger.