FastPhotoTagger Revision History

o 05-Dec-2017, v2.0
o You may now search for exact word phrases or multi-word keywords by enclosing them in curly braces, e.g., {New York} will match keyword "New York", but not keyword "New York City".

o When collecting metadata from files, the "Working..." panel title is now updated with progress.
o In "Program Settings / Slideshow / Caption Location" you may now choose to overlay the caption on top of the image rather than next to it.
o In "Program Settings / Sorting method" you may now choose to sort images on the file panel by the value of one of your metadata tags.
(Note that some Exiftool pseudo-tags, e.g., File:System:FileModifyDate, are refreshed only when the folder is re-opened.)
o In
"Program Settings / Sorting method" you may now choose to sort images on the file panel ascending or descending.
o "Program Settings / Side-by-side panels / Auto" now uses physical screen width (or physical window width in Android 7+) rather than pixel width to choose the number of panels to display. One, two, or three panels may be displayed. This should provide a pleasing result for more devices. You still may have to change the number of visible panels or individual panel widths for best usability.

o The High Efficiency Image Format file extensions heif and heic are now recognized as image types. These images and their thumbnails are not viewable. Not all metadata tags are writable. See the Exiftool documentation.
o Fixed: FastPhotoTagger would not run at all on some Samsung Galaxy devices. See known problems.

o Fixed: Reordering or deleting from metadata and labels settings no longer causes internal, fast-access copies of metadata to be discarded. Adding an item will still cause discarding.

o 03-Oct-2017, v1.9

o On the Metadata Panel, pressing one Change button now causes all Change buttons to be pressed.
o You may now search for phrases or multi-word keywords by enclosing them in quotation marks, e.g., "New York".
o In the Fast Tagger, a double tap on the image will enlarge it to full screen width with the input form shown as an overlay. A subsequent double tap will reduce the image size. This provides you with more image detail during the fast tagging operation.
See the user guide and this for details on all the following new features: (Sorry, Android 6+ is required for some of these.)
o Keyword files: You may now make lists of your keywords in text files and use those files to set metadata using a checkbox entry method. Use keyword lists as an alternative to typing or when you want to limit keyword values to a controlled set. The keyword files are managed in "Program Settings/Keywords". (Android 6+)
o Keyword synonyms: Synonyms are supported in keyword files. When a keyword is assigned its synonyms may also be assigned.
(Android 6+)
o On the Metadata Panel, the Fast Tagger, the Search panel, and the Abbreviations Settings, the menu invoked by a long press now contains an "Edit" item which allows editing the value in a larger space, and a "Keywords" item which provides a checkbox entry method using your keyword files. (Android 6+)
o Hierarchical keywords: You may now assign a hierarchical keyword structure as a metadata value. You may also specify a backup metadata field that will automatically receive the flattened version of hierarchical keywords. Hierarchical keywords are managed in "Program Settings/Metadata Tags/Hierarchical Keywords".

o Fixed: Merely looking at metadata or labels settings no longer causes internal, fast-access copies of metadata to be discarded.
o Fixed: Modified values were lost when rotating the Fast Tagger screen.
o Fixed: The sequence "Export Settings", "Import Settings" no longer changes the order of metadata in "Program Settings"
o Fixed: An error occurred on exit from Program Settings while displaying the contents of a zip file

o 14-Mar-2017, v1.8
o This version contains full support for Android 7+ split screen, aka multi-window mode. Please read known problems.
o "Program Settings / Side-by-side panels / Auto" now uses screen width (or window width in Android 7+) rather than device orientation to choose the number of panels to display. One, two, or three panels may be displayed. Previously, only one or three panels would be displayed. You still may have to change the number of visible panels or individual panel widths for best usability.
o The default thumbnail size and the default font size have been reduced to better suit current screen resolutions. Use "Program Settings" to change them to your liking.
o Fixed: On Android 7+ in split-screen mode, the secondary app windows (metadata compare, slideshow, etc.) did not correctly respond to resize operations, e.g., resizing from half screen to three quarters screen.
o Fixed: On Android 7+ in split-screen mode, the "App may not work in split-screen" warning no longer appears.
o Fixed: Display of a large number of search results was slow and was not interruptible. (It still may be slow, but you can now scroll the results or cancel by navigating away.)
o Fixed: Search results were not invalidated, as they needed to be, after a Program Settings / Metadata or Labels change.

o 28-Jan-2017, v1.7

o Fixed: On Android 7.0 and later, the dialog boxes for Program Settings / Menu / "Import Settings" and "Export Settings" were missing fields and buttons.
o Fixed: Commas were incorrectly removed from abbreviation expansions.
o Fixed: When appending or removing keywords using abbreviations, a space was required after "+++" or "---".

o 21-Dec-2016, v1.6
o Android 4.1 or later is required for this version of FastPhotoTagger. Earlier Android versions should use FastPhotoTagger v1.5.
o The application file (apk) supports both ARM and x86 CPU architectures.
o On the Metadata Panel, you may now append to or remove from current metadata values as well as replace them. This is especially useful for adding new keywords or deleting old keywords in a set of photos. See User Guide.
o The table displayed by "Compare Metadata" is now editable. You may edit metadata values cell by cell like a spreadsheet. See User Guide.
o In the Photo Viewer, a single tap on the photo will display your chosen metadata as an overlay.
o In Program Settings/Colors, a Theme option has been added. Selecting a theme sets all colors in a consistent way. You may still change individual colors as you wish.
o "Program Settings" has been added to the program menu.
o Dutch and Greek translations of the user interface are now available.
o Fixed: Some folder moves from SD card to primary storage failed.
o Fixed: The progress bar was not updated during some SD card file moves.
o Fixed: Some missing German translations were added.

o 20-Aug-2016, v1.5
o In the Photo Viewer, image zooming has been improved for JPG and PNG files.
o Clicking the file panel title now briefly displays the full folder path at the top of the display.
o Fixed: On secondary (external) SD cards, Save-As in text editor did not work.
o Fixed: On some systems running Android 6.0, SD cards could not be given write permission.

o 18-Mar-2016, v1.4
o Secondary (external) SD cards are now supported on Android 5.0+. Use the "Open Image Folder" button on the home panel to give FastPhotoTagger permission to write on the SD card. See User Guide.
o Changed: The program icon has been updated.
o Fixed: Slideshows of multiple Tiff images in one file did not show captions.
o Fixed: View image could fail with many, quick View/Backs in succession.
o Fixed: The device might go to sleep during long metadata change operations. (The screen still may go dark but the operation continues.)
o Fixed: "Wait..." messages may no longer be hidden by tapping on the screen. Hiding the "Wait..." message obscured the fact that operations were still running.

o 14-Jan-2016, v1.3
o Panel sizes may now be adjusted. Clicking on a vertical panel dividing line reveals a "grabber." Press on a grabber and drag the dividing line to a new position. See User Guide. Android 3.0 or higher is required for this feature.
o The selection status has moved from a small space at the bottom of the file panel to a larger space at the top next to the program name.
o The action bar commands now change to reflect item selection.
o File copy, move, and delete operations are much faster.
o Changed: The format of View All Metadata has changed. The new format is faster when there is a lot of metadata.
o Changed: FastPhotoTagger no longer writes abbreviations to the user dictionary.
o Fixed: Device architecture values "aarch*" were not recognized as ARM devices.
o Fixed: The font color on the metadata panel did not respond to settings changes.
o Fixed: The "Focused" color could not be restored to its default without a program restart.
o Fixed: Tiff files inside zip files could not be viewed.

o 01-Dec-2015, v1.2
o The interface for selecting file items has changed to be closer to Android recommendations. (I apologize for any confusion this causes.) See User Guide.
--When nothing is selected: short press opens or views the item. Use short press on a folder icon to navigate the file system..
--When something is selected: short press selects or unselects the item.
--Long press unselects everything and selects the item.
--Back key unselects everything.
o A "Compare Metadata" command has been added to the program menu. Select 2 to 8 files and then invoke the command.
o Many TIFF files are now displayed by FastPhotoTagger. See Installation notes and User Guide. Multiple Tiff images in one file may be viewed as a slideshow.
o Program Settings for side-by-side panels have changed. You may now specify 1, 2, or 3 panels visible as well as an automatic mode.
o Many metadata values are now presented in words instead of their internal numeric value, e.g., Flash: "On, Return detected" instead of "15".
o An x86 version of FastPhotoTagger is available on the project web site.
o Fixed: When not using abbreviations, metadata changes where the new value had leading or trailing spaces were incorrectly reported to fail.
o Fixed: Some file management operations did not work when the file panel was not selected. The menu button now automatically selects the file panel.

o 20-Oct-2015, v1.1
o This revision is specifically for x86 / Atom / Intel devices running Android 4.1 and higher.
o Many TIFF files are now displayed by FastPhotoTagger. See Installation notes and User Guide.
Multiple Tiff images in one file may be viewed as a slideshow.
o 12-Sep-2015, v1.0
o You may now specify metadata tags using Exiftool group 0 and/or 1 group names. Examples: EXIF:IFD0:ModifyDate, EXIF:ModifyDate, IFD0:ModifyDate. See User Guide,
o The "View all Metadata" command now displays Exiftool group 0 and 1 names.
o Fixed: Images might be copied more than once from text messages to the Download folder after viewing an image with "FastPhotoTagger", switching applications, and then returning to FastPhotoTagger.
o Fixed:
Image thumbnails were sometimes lost after exiting the text editor.
o Fixed: Email attached text files could not be opened by the text editor.
o Fixed: Returning to FastPhotoTagger after switching applications sometimes resulted in a "Nothing to rename" warning.
o Fixed: Added a start-up test for ARM processors. FastPhotoTagger only runs on ARM processors (until v1.1),

o 09-Jun-2015, v0.4 Beta
o Changed: The default side-by-side mode and default font size were changed for tablet-sized devices.

o 08-Jun-2015, v0.3 Beta
o Changed: The internal manifest file was modified for Google Play Store purposes. No feature changes were made.

o 30-May-2015, v0.2 Beta
o Changed: The View menu item now only appears if one file is selected.
o Fixed: On the "View All Metadata" screen, if a group contained multiple tags with the same name, only one tag was displayed.
o Fixed: Error messages were written to the log file for file operations that were not errors, such as cancelling a copy or move.
o Fixed: Navigating to the root folder caused an error message to be written to the log file.
o Fixed: When viewing the contents of a zip file, selections were lost when the sorting method was changed.

o 15-May-2015, v0.1 Beta
o Fixed: Open with FastPhotoTagger of a DNG or RAW file from another program failed if FastPhotoTagger was not already running.
o Fixed: Corrected version reporting on Help panel.
o Fixed: Optimized long press handling on Menu and Metadata panels.
o Fixed: When sorting files by size or date, changing metadata did not refresh the files list with the new order.
o Fixed: When viewing images in a zip file, the first image was displayed rather than the selected image.
o Fixed: The status line (bottom of the file panel) was not updated after the Select command.
o Fixed: At program start, the file panel was misaligned if the file panel location was a .zip file.
o Fixed: A "cache read" error occurred in rare instances after a Settings change.

o 29-Apr-2015, v0.0.3 Beta
o Slideshow and Slideshow Settings are now implemented.
o Search Metadata is now implemented.
o The context menu was folded into the main application menu.
o A long press on a folder or file item now selects/deselects the item. Short press behavior is unchanged.
o Abbreviations are now temporarily written to the user's personal dictionary and may appear as suggestions during typing.
o Enlarged the "Image Loading" icon.
o Added to the installation instructions.
o In Fast Tagger, abbreviations are now expanded when the next image is swiped into view.
o On small screens in landscape mode, the keyboard no longer fully hides the application.
o Upgraded Exiftool to v9.90.
o Reduced the .apk file size and the program memory requirements.
o Lower case abbreviations now match mixed-case and upper case words.
o Renamed the settings backup file from to
o Fixed: Some translations were updated.

o 24-Mar-2015, v0.0.2 Beta

o DNG and many RAW formats are now supported.
o Metadata and Labels for a folder are now cached on first visit to a folder. Subsequent visits to the folder load much more quickly.
o Added Performance Tips to the User Guide.
o Added more information to the log file when writing metadata fails.
o Added Top/Bottom choices to menu.
o Fixed: In Fast Tagger mode, the metadata changes against the last file were not written to the image.
o Fixed: Some translations were updated.

o 28-Feb-2015, v0.0.1 Beta
o First beta release.
o Slide show is not implemented.
o Search metadata is not implemented.