About FastPhotoTagger v2.0

FastPhotoTagger is Open Source Software.
Copyright (c) Dennis Damico, dennis508@yahoo.com
GNU General Public License

Performance Notes
Tested Configurations
Limitations, warnings, and known problems

FastPhotoTagger for Android is available at various Android App stores, including Google Play, SlideMe, Opera Mobile, Android Freeware and some others that mirror Google Play. Note that the latest version may not be available on every site.

Use these instructions to install FastPhotoTagger from SourceForge. If downloading from an app store the store may handle installation for you and this section does not apply.

+ Installation instructions for FastPhotoTagger for Android 4.1 or higher on ARM or x86 processors
On your Android device:
o Enable installation from "Unknown sources". This is found in Settings > Applications or in Settings > Security.

o If you do not have one already, install a file explorer from the Google Play Store or other app store.
Commonly used file explorers for Android are Ghost Commander, ES Explorer, Total Commander, and Astro.

o Open the Internet browser.
Enter this into the address bar: http://bit.ly/1Fi5zzs (that's "bit dot el why / one F eye 5 zee zee ess")
If FastPhotoTagger.apk does not automatically download, tell the browser to download it.
Wait a minute or so for the download to complete.

o Open the file explorer and navigate to the folder where the file downloaded.
It will usually be the Download folder. The filename will be FastPhotoTagger.apk.

o If the file downloaded with a name not ending in ".apk" then rename the file so that it ends in ".apk".

Click on the file, then click on Install. Accept the permissions that FastPhotoTagger requests.
FastPhotoTagger will install on your Android device.
You may then Open or Run the application.

+ Installation instructions for FastPhotoTagger on ARM devices for revisions before Android 4.1
Use this download link http://sourceforge.net/projects/fastphototagger/files/Android/FastPhotoTagger.v1.5.apk and follow instructions in previous section.

There are alternative installation methods. The Internet has numerous text and video tutorials about installation. Here are a couple that may be helpful:

FastPhotoTagger requires these Android permissions:
INSTALL_SHORTCUT From the program menu, create a desktop shortcut to a file or folder.
READ_SMS View images in text messages using FastPhotoTagger. FastPhotoTagger does NOT read your text messages.
VIBRATE Vibrate the device after a long file operation.
WAKE_LOCK Prevent the device from sleeping during long file operations. (The screen still may go dark.)
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Allow FastPhotoTagger to write metadata to any file. Also, please see SD Cards.

Please read the Privacy Policy.

Limitations, warnings, and known problems:

o Please inform the author of any defects or oddities so that this product can improve.

o There exist a large number of Android revisions and devices and it is impossible to test all of them. Therefore, some Android/device combinations are likely to be troublesome. If your device doesn't work contact the author.

o On some Samsung Galaxy devices, the application title area color schemes blend with the FastPhotoTagger background colors making the back button, application title, and menu button hard to see. To work around this, change the action bar color in "Program Settings / Colors / Action Bar" to a more contrasting color.

o On Android 7+ in split-screen, aka multi-window mode, it is possible to run FastPhotoTagger in more than one "window". The secondary app windows (View image, Slideshow, View Metadata, Compare Metadata, Fast Tagger, Text Edit) will run properly in multiple windows. Running the main app window (the three panels) in multiple windows may cause inconsistencies and is not recommended. However, this should never threaten to the integrity of your files.

o Your RAW file may not be recognized by FastPhotoTagger. There are hundreds of RAW formats. It may be a simple matter for FastPhotoTagger to recognize your format. Send email to the author.

o Your TIFF file may not be displayable; FastPhotoTagger is limited by 3rd party software capability so not all Tiff files can be displayed. See user guide.

o On Android 5.0+, secondary (external) SD cards are not automatically writable by FastPhotoTagger. Please see SD Cards.

o On secondary (external) SD cards, these operations do not work: Copy/Move where destination folder is same as source folder.

o When exporting settings from Android to PC, labels will not be imported on the PC unless the Screen Label exactly matches a Metadata Screen Label.

Performance Notes:
o The first time you execute FastPhotoTagger there will be a delay of several seconds while the program configures itself.

o Be sure to read the Performance Tips in the User Guide.

o Would you like to translate the FastPhotoTagger user interface to your own language? Two hours work will gain you fame and fortune. (Well, not really.) Send email to the author.

This version of FastPhotoTagger was tested with:
o Android revisions 4.4.4, 5.1.1, 6.0, 7.1.
o Exiftool 9.90
o dcraw 9.24