FastPhotoTagger Screenshots

One-panel view

View all three panels at once or view just one or two at a time. Swipe left or right to change panels.
Use Program Settings / Labels to choose the metadata shown under thumbnails.

One-panel view on small devices

On small screen devices, a one-panel view is often best. Swipe left or right to change panels.

Two-panel view

Once you are familiar with FastPhotoTagger, you will rarely need the Home panel. View just the File and Metadata panels. Use the action bar and menu for commands.

Light Theme

Choose light or dark themes.

Select Dialog

Select or Unselect files and/or folders.
o Select first and last files in a range then use the Select dialog to select all files in the range.
o Select or Unselect using a file mask, e.g., *.jpg or *.txt.


Navigate to your favorite folders quickly. Long press on a panel title to open favorites. Press the star to add/remove a favorite.

Zip Files

When nothing is selected, short press on a zip file to open it.
There is limited support for file management and metadata operations on zip files.

Text Editor

When nothing is selected, short press on a text file to open the built-in text editor.

Creating a Custom Slideshow

Creating a slideshow that contains only certain images is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1. Search for the images. (Press "Search Metadata", enter metadata values, press search icon, view discovered images.)

2. Select all images. (Press "Select", press "OK")

3. View the slideshow. (Press "View Slideshow For Selected Photos".)

Application Support

Have a problem with FastPhotoTagger? Contact the author.